King Crub

Selection of Oysters: Plate de Belon

Gillardeau – ½ dozen

Chopped Mazara red Shrimps

with finger Lime, Avocado and Salad

Amberjack Tartare

vegetable Kisir and Bread chipst

Lemon Soup with Carusoli

and crispy Corn

Beluga Iranian Caviar gr. 20

63° steam boiled Egg, Potato cream

Ham brath and Rombo breadsticks

Artichoke salad with toasted Almond

and Castelmagno cheese flakes

Beef carpaccio

with Cardoncelli mushrooms and Emmer

Caramelized Foie Gras

Burrata Mayonnaise, Mango and Norcia Truffle water

First Courses

Home Made pasta

Plin Ravioli with Lobster

Vegetable Bronuoise and Saffron mousse

Home-made pasta al Torchio

with Squid Ink, Clams and Green Broccoli Sauce


with Alba white Truffle

Tortello with Mantua pumpkin

and foie gras medallion

Fettuccine 30 yolks

with Duck ragù


Saffron pan-fried Risotto

traditional Milanese recipe

Classic saffron risotto

with “Cascina Malpaga” rice

Risotto with Artichoke, Ginger Scampo

and Mozzarella coulis ( 20 minutes)

Main Courses

Roasted Turbot with Pumpkins cream

and Black Cabbage

Grilled Dover sole

with baby vegetables

Black Cod*, Chlorophill Mayonnaise

and Parsley Black Garlic and Berberè

Breadcrumbed veal cutlet

on the bone with roasted potatoes

Braised Beef Cheek

Storo Polenta and Martin Pear

Segovia suckling Pig cooked at low temperature

Cabage, Peperoni Chunty, Potatoes, Tamarind

Tournedos beef “à la Rossini”

Breadcrumbed pink veal cutlet

on the bone with roasted Potatoes

Piedmont Fassona beef Tartare

The typical milanese cuisine ”All in one dish”

Braised veal shanks served
with saffron risotto

Loin of veal with white wine reduction, rosemary and pancetta served with saffron risotto

natale 2017

*If you have any concerns regarding  food allergies, please alert your server prior to ordering.
*Fish to be consumed row has already undergone a treatment according to the law.
*For market fish our staff will suggest to you the different preparations of the chef.